Saturday, February 18, 2006

1. Sandwich specimens for measuring interface crack toughness.

Z. Suo and J. W. Hutchinson, Sandwich specimens for measuring interface crack toughness. Materials Science and Engineering, A107, 135-143 (1989).

The present analysis of a crack lying along one interface on an elastic sandwich structure notes the existence, for cases where middle-layer thickness is small by comparison with other structure length scales, of a universal relation between actual interface stress intensity factors at the crack tip, on the one hand, and the apparent modes I and II stress intensity factors associated with the corresponding problem for a homogeneous material crack, on the other. This discovery serves as a theoretical basis for the development of sandwich specimens on which interface crack toughness can be measured; the universal relation reveals the degree to which the intrinsic asymmetry of a bimaterial interface induces asymmetry near the crack field.


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